checkered-bullet-lg.jpgRace Results - August 26, 2015

Back to racing this week! Thanks for the great turn-out, everybody!



checkered-bullet-lg.jpgRace Results - August 5, 2015

This week we raced NASCAR and Can Am!



Can Am


checkered-bullet-lg.jpgRace Results - July 22nd


GT-1 (Scale) - 3:30 Heats - 4 Lanes - 2 Rotations
1. D Thorpe - 337 Laps
2. H McRobert - 325 Laps
3. S Hills - 321 Laps
3. J Stefan - 263 Laps*
4. K Stefan - 254 Laps**

*John had a catastrophic failure during the second rotation, and put another car on.
**Keith had some issues with his car and had to work on it in the middle of a heat.


Dirt Modified - 3:30 Heats - 4 Lanes
1. H McRobert - 165 Laps
2. D Thorpe - 161 Laps
3. S Hills - 159 Laps
4. K Stefan - 141 Laps
5. J Stefan - 133 Laps

We all had fun!

Thanks guys, see you next week!

checkered-bullet-lg.jpgRace Report - March 11, 2015

Another week of racing is in the books, and we all have high hopes for the ASAIR Racing Program's future! Tonight we were missing a couple of racers, but we still managed to field 8 drivers for the Euro Outlaw Truck and Wing Car races! John returned, after correcting me from last week's report; he hadn't raced in 50 years! And he's getting back into it really really quickly! His son Kieth joined us this week, and also did very well in both races. Let's get to the results!


Euro Outlaw Trucks - 3:30 Heats - 6 Lanes
1. G Tipton - 247 Laps
2. H McRobert -  235 Laps
3. D Thorpe - 234 Laps
4. R Faulds - 233 Laps
5. S Hills - 230 Laps
6. M Schafer - 208 Laps
7. J Stefan - 193 Laps*
8. K Stefan - 177 Laps*

Gary returns to the top of the order this week with a pretty sizeable lead, but the midfield results show some really close racing between four drivers. Anyone could have taken the second place spot, especially with the addition of the white lane to the rotation. No one practices on the white lane. It had few to no laps on it before the race, and you can see that for some of the drivers, it's a troublesome lane.


Wing Cars - 3:30 Heats - 6 Lanes
1. D Thorpe - 286 Laps
2. G Tipton -  283 Laps
3. R Faulds - 277 Laps
3. H McRobert - 277 Laps
4. S Hills - 256 Laps
5. M Schafer - 246 Laps
6. K Stefan - 218 Laps
7. J Stefan - 201 Laps

Dan sits at the top after his favorite class, but only by a few laps. I love my racers. It's so obvious that they all just want to have fun, and the want everyone else to have fun. Because Kieth and John are new, they don't yet have wing cars to put on the track. Dan and Steve were nice enough to lend them their backup wing cars for the race! Thanks guys! Kieth ended up with Dan's car, which has the raw speed advantage over Steve's car, and it wasn't until after the race that we thought it would have been a good idea to have them swap cars mid-way through the race. So Kieth had a natural advantage, but they both still did great!

The biggest news of the night, though, is the finish margin between Ron and Herb.


Less than a car length separated the two of them at the end of the race. Given the stagger-effect, Ron is clearly and technically closer to the finish line, but seeing two cars finish within such a short distance of each other is not a common occurrence! This might be the closest finish ever at ASAIR!

Great racing this week, everyone! It was great to have 8 drivers for a race, again, and hopefully when Bob and Russ are able to return, we can have even more fun!

See you guys next week for Go-Karts and GTP (Aero)!

checkered-bullet-lg.jpgRace Report - NASTRUCK Endurance September 5, 2014

This past Friday, 8 of our regular slot car racers showed up for an endurance race meant to introduce our new NASTRUCK class to the rotation. This class shares chassis specifications with our NASCAR class, but uses 4" NASTRUCK style bodies. We all expected times slightly slower than we'd see in NASCAR.

Because of a couple of poorly timed motor failures, we had some questions about the "enduranceability" of the new substitutes for the Parma #501 Deathstar. As such, we decided the best course of action would be to, rather than running long heats, run normal length heats, and run multiple rotations or races. With 8 people present, we were able to run 6 lanes each at 3 minutes 30 seconds in length with 2 and a half minutes of rotation time in between. We ran 3 full rotations of these 6 lanes, and it took around 3 and a half hours to complete the entire race.

Every single racer started and finished every single heat. This goes into the books as our first 0% attrition endurance race ever. Some cars had an issue here and there, but everyone was able to finish with the car they started. This made myself and each of the racers quite happy.

We started the night off with pizza, and then moved on to do our usual 1 minute Time Trials. I had made some adjustments to the track to help keep the cars on. I expected this to benefit the racers between 1 and 2 tenths of a second per lap. With that said, let's see the time trials results.

NASTRUCK - 1:00 Time Trials
1. G Tipton - 4.613s - 13 Laps
2. D Thorpe - 4.746s - 12 Laps
3. B Schafer - 4.789s - 13 Laps
4. R Faulds - 4.808s - 11 Laps
5. H McRobert - 4.839s - 12 Laps
6. S Hills - 4.846s - 11 Laps
7. R Schaffroth - 4.937s - 11 Laps
8. M Schafer - 4.970s - 11 Laps

So what we're seeing is an approximate 2 to 3 tenths of a second difference in lap times in relation to their NASCAR counterparts after the track changes. It's also worth noting that Mike was running a Hawk 7 for this race, which was running a little slower on the straights than the Proslot motor.

As mentioned before, we ran the races in three rotations. We decided to randomize the driver order between rotations, and so at the end of each rotation we recorded which track section out of 13 each car finished at. This doesn't give an exact result, but it gets us close enough. Here are the results from the screens:


NASTRUCK Endurance Rotation 1 - 6 Lanes - 3:30 Heats
1. G Tipton - 245 Laps - Section 8
2. B Schafer - 245 Laps - Section 6
3. D Thorpe - 243 Laps - Section 3
4. R Schaffroth - 239 Laps - Section 4
5. S Hills - 238 Laps - Section 5
6. H McRobert - 234 Laps - Section 1
7. R Faulds - 231 Laps - Section 8
8. M Schafer - 219 Laps - Section 9

This was a solid rotation. The computer didn't sort the results by finishing order, but it's still obvious how close our racers are in pace. Even Mike averaged only 4 laps per heat less than the leaders Gary and Bob. That comes down to only a few tenths of a second per lap difference. Considering he can count how many races he's run on two hands, I'd say he's doing pretty good.


NASTRUCK Endurance Rotation 2 - 6 Lanes - 3:30 Heats
1. G Tipton - 247 Laps - Section 11
2. D Thorpe - 245 Laps - Section 5
3. S Hills - 242 Laps - Section 5
4. B Schafer - 241 Laps - Section 2
5. R Schaffroth - 240 Laps - Section 4
6. R Faulds - 236 Laps - Section 7
7. H McRobert - 234 Laps - Section 5
8. M Schafer - 223 Laps - Section 6

Bob had a strange issues midway through this rotation. His interior began to melt under the heat of the motor, and started to make contact with his rear tires. This caused his car to jump around a lot, and he lost a few laps because of it. He admits it was the result of a decision he made, when putting the interior in, that's at fault. The cool thing to note is that everyone, barring Bob who had an issue, matched or improved on their result from the first rotation.


NASTRUCK Endurance Rotation 3 - 6 Lanes - 3:30 Heats
1. G Tipton - 254 Laps - Section 5
2. B Schafer - 249 Laps - Section 9
3. D Thorpe - 246 Laps - Section 9
4. S Hills - 242 Laps - Section 12
5. H McRobert - 240 Laps - Section 4
6. R Faulds - 239 Laps - Section 1
7. R Schaffroth - 231 Laps - Section 3
8. M Schafer - 228 Laps - Section 2

The final heat went down smoothly as well, but it became obvious that a couple of the drivers were either starting to feel tired or starting to feel the pressure of the fast-approaching end of the race. That aside, just about everyone continued to improve on their previous rotation results.

With the individual rotation results in the books, I tabulated the final result. What I did is I added the lap counts together, and then the section numbers together. Once I had the section results added, I divided them by 13 to find out about how many more laps they completed, and the remainder tells us how far into the next lap they finished. Here is the final result:

NASTRUCK Endurance Final Result - 3 Rotations - 6 Lanes - 3:30 Heats
1. G Tipton - 747 Laps - Section 11
2. B Schafer - 736 Laps - Section 4
3. D Thorpe - 735 Laps - Section 4
4. S Hills - 723 Laps - Section 9
5. R Schaffroth - 710 Laps - Section 11
6. H McRobert - 708 Laps - Section 10
7. R Faulds - 707 Laps - Section 5
8. M Schafer - 671 Laps - Section 4

And there we have it! Not really much to say about the final results as they kind of speak for themselves. Great racing! I think this turned out to be the best night of racing we've ever had!

In the near future, I will be marking the track with equal-length sectors so that we can have more accurate results at the end of our regular races. I will probably choose to do 4-foot long sectors starting from the end of the timer. There will likely be a sector at the end of the lap that isn't 4 feet long, but that is a non-issue.

Thanks to everyone who came out to race with us!

checkered-bullet-lg.jpgRace Report - WVSCS Saturday April 26, 2014

What a weekend! We've been looking forward to hosting this race for quite a while, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with the turnout! We didn't have quite as many people we were hoping for, and there were some names that were missing, but overall it was a great race! Lap times were quick, and the racing was clean! There were a couple of hiccups for some drivers, but I think we all had fun, and that's what the event was about anyway!

I don't have the qualifying results. I think Russ took them home by accident. I'll update this post when I have them. We ran each racer for 1 minute on the orange lane just like in our time trials, and the qualifying order was used in determining the racing order on the track.


Willamette Valley Slot Car Series - NASCAR - 6 Lanes - 4:00 Heats
1. G Tipton - 286 Laps
2. J D Dewees - 281 Laps
3. S Beachley - 277 Laps
4. D Thorpe - 273 Laps
5. H McRobert - 270 Laps
6. R Schaffroth - 268 Laps
7. S Hills - 261 Laps
8. D McCreary - 244 Laps
9. L Lightning - 243 Laps
10. J Watson - 237 Laps
11. B Schafer - 64 Laps DNF

This race included the White lane, which we typically don't race on. That becomes obvious when you look at the deviation in lap counts between White and basically all of the other lanes for most racers. Scott, notably, ran what I would consider his best race ever and took third place behind Gary and John. John doesn't race with us much, but he does have some experience on the track, and that showed in his pace.

Dan had some concerns before the race about how he'd do. His fast motor failed during practice, and he had to put a slower one in. It seems like that slower motor kept the pace pretty well, though, as he took a solid 4th, beating Herb by only 3 laps. Herb had a great, consistent race, too. We saw him fighting Scott and Dan pretty often throughout the race. That's what I like to see!

I noticed Steve's car was a little tweaked while I was doing tech inspection. I think this may have hurt his performance just a bit, but when you look at the lap counts, he really wasn't that far from the other guys. 

We were please to have some "new" racers join us on the track for this race. Dave came up with John from the Eugene area, and Larry dropped in to represent Salem with Jairus and Bob. Thank you guys for taking the time and effort to come down and race with us! It was a blast!

I look forward to hosting the next race here at the shop in a couple of months! Thanks again to everyone who came down!

checkered-bullet-lg.jpgRace Report - ASAIR 1hr Go-Kart Challenge- November 2, 2013

ASAIR's second ever official endurance race took place this past Saturday, November 2 at about 4:45pm. We had 10 drivers, so we decided to put 6 of them on the track at a time, and run 10 minute heats. This meant each driver ran for 60 minutes, spread across 6 lanes. And I have to say this was easily the best night of racing I've ever seen out of our racers. The Go-Karts were fast, and handled well - better than any of our other classes. On top of that, most of the drivers were running with minimal experience with the cars. When we look at the results this time, we don't see a difference in how well the cars are built, but how cool and trouble-free the drivers were able to be. All the cars seemed very well matched.

With that said, it seems like just about everyone had a small issue or another. Scott was the first to run into a problem - on the first heat. His motor pinion fell off about half-way through, and he had to spend the rest of the heat addressing that. We took a long break after the heat to get him going for the next heat. Jairus and Russ both ran into car failures mid-heat later in the race, but they were quickly addressed and didn't lose them quite as much time as Scott. Steve ran almost an entire heat with his braids messed up, and lost some time there.

Lastly, our software crashed on the 9th (second to last) heat. We were able to recover the results from the first 8 heats, but not the mid-heat results of the 9th. So we decided to run the 10th heat as it normally would have been run, and drop every driver's lowest heat result. This wouldn't end up benefiting anyone in particular too much, and in the end it's the best we could do, given the situation.

So, let's take a look at the final results:

Driver Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Dropped Lane Total

B Schafer

117 118 117 119 117 0 588

G Tipton

113 115 115 116 116 0 575

H McRobert

111 111 115 115 106 0 558

E Bowdish

99 109 113 113 117 96 551

D Thorpe

111 111 114 109 103 101 548

S Hills

106 110 108 112 103 103 539

L Schaffroth

105 108 108 106 107 90 534

R Schaffroth

105 97 107 113 108 0 530

S Beachley

108 110 111 115 54 0 498

J Watson

98 103 102 103 88 0 494

And for the sake of "what if", I've put together a theoretical results by averaging some numbers and stuff. First, for Jairus, Russ, and Scott, I took the average result from all heats but the ones they had to leave the track on, rounded it up, and replaced that heat's result with that number. Let's see how that changes things:

1. B Schafer - 588 Laps
2. G Tipton -  575 Laps
3. H McRobert - 558 Laps
4. S Beachley - 555 Laps
5. E Bowdish - 551 Laps
6. D Thorpe - 548 Laps
7. R Schaffroth - 542 Laps
8. S Hills - 539 Laps
9. L Schaffroth - 534 Laps
10. J Watson - 508 Laps

So you can see who had "lost" the most laps from their time off the track, as they stood to benefit the most from the "fix" I made.

This time, I've taken the new theoretical results, and I've added a 6th heat back in. For everyone in the 9th heat, I've taken the average of all of their heats and added that to their final results. Then, for everyone who had a low-heat to throw out, I've added that back in.

1. B Schafer - 796 Laps
2. G Tipton -  690 Laps
3. H McRobert - 670 Laps
4. S Beachley - 655 Laps
5. D Thorpe - 649 Laps
6. R Schaffroth - 648 Laps
7. E Bowdish - 647 Laps
8. S Hills - 642 Laps
9. L Schaffroth - 624 Laps
10. J Watson - 607 Laps

...and there you have it. These are exactly the results we would have had if everyone had been on the track the whole time, and we had no software issues. Actually, these actually mean literally nothing. Anything could have happened in that 9th heat we lost, and it's possible before their problems, Jairus, Russ, and Scott could have been having really really horrible heats, or the best heats of their lives. But it's still fun to play around with numbers.

Overall the night was a great success. I hope everyone had fun, and we hope to be able to do these endurance races more often. Bob noted that it can really only make people better. It's a type of forced practice. Running so many laps in succession with a specific car can really teach you quite a bit about how that specific car needs to be driven. 

We still have some things to address, though. This race, we chose not to require some sort of pit stop. That's the first thing we'll implement for the next one. Jairus also expressed a concern with how much track calls we sat through, and I'm on his side. It's too many. But as a Race Director, I don't feel like I could have called any fewer. So we need to come to a collective decision on how to reduce the number of track calls, and I think that basically comes down to altering our track call regulations for endurance races.

Thanks to everyone who participated! See you next time! This Wednesday we race GTP Aero and Euro Outlaw Trucks.

checkered-bullet-lg.jpgRace Report - 3hr ASAIR Challenge 6/29/13

Well, folks, we had an amazing race this Saturday at the inaugural running of the 3h of ASAIR Endurance Challenge! 10 racers showed up, which gave us enough for 5 teams. We started a little late, but we ran the full 8 heats at 17 minutes each with 5 minutes cooldown time in between each. We had an extended break at the halfway mark. This was some of the cleanest racing I've ever seen out of these guys, and that resulted in a solid race time of 3:23:50!  Here are the results:

Team Red White Green Orange Blue Yellow Purple Black Total Best Lap


193 186 195 206 207 196 200 197 1580 4.622s


196 184 188 200 210 202 192 204 1576 4.627s


176 186 189 174 183 193 190 188 1479 4.689s


176 173 182 178 183 184 166 169 1411 4.941s


154 139 160 165 179 136 152 156 1241 5.056s

 Russ and Luke switched drivers in the middle of each heat. Luke started the heat and Russ finished it. The lap numbers are interesting to look at. No one team lead every heat of the race, but it seemed like, until the last couple of heats, that 2nd and 3rd place of each heat were within one or two laps of each other the entire time.

And while it seems like there's a pretty big gap between certain teams, we need to keep in mind that the heats were 17 minutes long. So even though 139 laps on White looks considerably lower than 186 laps on White, it only comes out to a difference of 2 laps every minute, which is only a difference of a fraction of a second every lap. So the numbers can be a little misleading. Everyone was going real fast and the racing was great!

Also something to note is that Kolby and Scott decided to risk a pit-stop in the middle of the race when their tires were getting low. They were the only team to pit at all.

Bob and Ron's car barely made it, however. The tires were so low you could hear the gear touching under hard cornering, and it had actually bounced out of the slot a couple times in the closing laps.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and thanks to shop owner Glenn for providing the food for the barbecue and cooking it, too! We learned a lot from this race and I can't wait until the next one comes along. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for photos of the event, which will likely go up tomorrow!

We won't be running a race this week because of the holiday on Thursday. I've changed the schedule to represent what we will be running next week on the 10th and so on.

Thanks again!


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