checkered-bullet-lg.jpgASAIR Stock Car/NASCAR Regulations

Updated: 10.5.2013

  1. Chassis

    1. Chassis must be a flexi-style that is mass produced and commercially-available

    2. Chassis must be stamped steel with no more than three chassis pieces

    3. Ball bearings may not be used in place of oilites (brass bushings)

    4. Chassis parts must remain unmodified with the following exceptions:

      1. Axle oilites and front wheel retainers may be soldered

      2. Solid or Floating pin tubes may be added

      3. Lead wire retainers may be added

      4. Guide flag, nut, spacers, lead wire, and clips may be freely used as intended

      5. Bracing may be added to axle uprights

    5. Further modifications including, but not limited to soldering, cutting, grinding or bracing of the chassis are not permitted

  2. Body

    1. 4 Inch Stock Car/NASCAR bodies permitted

      1. Body must be or have been commercially-available at some point

    2. Body must include a 3 dimensional, painted and detailed interior with driver and helmet

      1. Unmodified RTR cars purchased at ASAIR are exempt from this rule for no more than one race

    3. Body must be painted and completely opaque, except for windows

      1. Chassis must not be visible from the front or sides, except through openings that are present on real car

      2. Wheel “openings” may be left clear or cut out to show front wheels

    4. Entire body must clear maximum height regulation of 1-7/8”

    5. Front and rear bumpers must meet minimum height requirements:

      1. Front bumper: 1/16”

      2. Rear bumper: 1/8”

    6. Body must display a number in a least 3 different positions

      1. Note: numbers usually are placed one on the top and one on each door

    7. No additions may be made to the body, with the exception of decals laid flat on the body's surface, and under-body bulletproofing/reinforcing with tape and/or lexan

    8. No additional openings may be cut into the body


  3. Axles

    1. Front axle must be 1/16”

    2. Rear axle must be 1/8”

  4. Gears

    1. Car must run 48 pitch gears

    2. Motor pinion must be 9 teeth

    3. Spur gear may be 30 or 31 teeth

  5. Motor

    1. Motor options are closed to Parma #501 Sealed DeathStar 16D only

    2. Motor must remain unmodified with the exception of brush changes and shaft shortening

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