Starter Sets

We keep a stock of starter sets on the shelves for all the aspiring train set builders! In both HO and N scale, these include track, an engine with various rolling cars, the transformer and other accessories to get you started!

Engines and Rolling Cars

If you want to add to your existing collection, we have a great selection of engines and rolling cars for you in both HO and N scale!


At HO and N scale, train layouts can benefit greatly from some track-side decorations. So we carry a wide range of buildings at scale that are perfect for your layout!

Extra Track

Expanding your layout can be a daunting task, sometimes. But with Bachmann EZ Track, it really isn't more than a couple clicks to make an addition! We carry plenty of HO and N scale track sections of various sizes and curve radii to help you get started in expanding your track.

Special Ordering

If we don't happen to have exactly what you're looking for, we'll work hard to find what you need! There's a ton of train stuff out there, but we'll find it and special order it for you, and you can pick it up at the shop!